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Alpha GPC 50% // Nootropic Choline Donor


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Support Healthy Memory and Brain Function

- 30 Serves / 60 Capsules -

Alpha GPC capsules are a fully transparent, non proprietary product at an efficacious dose as part of the Supplement Needs Health range.

Formulated using 50% yielding Alpha GPC to provide 300mg active Alpha GPC per 2 capsule 600mg serving.

Alpha GPC may aid in ensuring daily concentration is optimised.


  • Alpha GPC 50% (600mg) yielding 300mg alpha GPC per serve

Recommended Use

Alpha GPC is designed to be used during periods when optimal cognition is required.

1 serving (2 capsules) is to be taken daily when a cognitive boost is required.

Additionally, 1 serving can be taken 90-120 minutes before bedtime.