Gynostemma Plus // AMPK Activator


What exactly goes into the Gynostemma Plus formula? Each completely addition is chosen by the Primal Herb research team for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use. Read on for why each herb and fungi has been chosen.

Traditionally Prepared

Gynostemma PLUS is formulated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) principles. In TCM, single herbs are rarely used – as herbal formulations (combinations) that are correctly balanced have more therapeutic effectiveness and achieve the outcome more predictably – Feel the difference of Primal Herb.

What exactly goes into our Gynostemma PLUS formula? Each completely natural addition is chosen for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.


What better than to choose the herb most famous for longevity (and to headline its name in our formula) as the leading star for our age-supporting formula? Gynostemma has an almost mythic reputation as a super-healer descended from high peaks in southern China. This makes for a perfect jiaogulan tea

Gynostemma also has way more health benefits than the average herb.

This makes it the ultimate adaptogen tonic, no less for helping all aspects of health (which can obviously add more years to one’s life). It can help do this by healing the body against stress, slashing cancer risk, providing antioxidants, boosting energy, and more, research shows. 

Goji Berry (aka. Wolf Berry)

Introducing one of our favorite new herbal (as well as nutritious and delicious edible!) ingredients: the goji berry. 

Goji berry has taken health food stores and markets by storm.

And no wonder. Beyond being absolutely tasty, it has health benefits galore. Scientific studies have established it is capable of the following and much more: strong antioxidant action, inflammation fighting, and cancer risk reduction. 

Tibetan Rhodiola (Rhodiola sacra)

There are many different species of rhodiola, and they are always native to high altitude, high latitude areas of the world. However, we chose to select one of the most unique, singular strains for our longevity formula: the holy Tibetan rhodiola, which grows on the slopes of the Himalayas.

Experience the herbal zen energy of these holy, Buddhism-inspired lands.

Tibetan rhodiola has all the same benefits as other rhodiola species. This includes—as held by traditional Tibetan herbalism, and modern research— powers to help blood sugars, boost antioxidants, heal inflammation, and improve overall quality (and possibly, length) of life. 

Review of Supporting Research

Gynostemma Plus also includes piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in the rinds of black pepper fruits (or corns). This compound immediately increases the bioavailability of all other powerful plant compounds added to this blend – so you can really feel the difference!*

No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extracts.

Vegan Friendly!


  • Add to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie.
  • Gyonstemma Plus can be taken day or night – with or without food, so enjoy!
  • Recommended once daily, but most importantly listen to the body (if it requires more, less or none).