PeakO2 // 180 Capsules


Performance-enhancing mushroom strains for amplified power and endurance

PeakO2 can:

  • Enhance oxygen uptake and utilization during exercise
  • Improve power output and anaerobic peak power
  • Amplify VO2 max to boost endurance and performance
  • Heighten workout and performance duration and intensity
  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic performance
  • Improve time to exhaustion and fatigue

Powerful Adaptogens to Maximize Performance and Overcome Physical and Mental Stress

PeakO2 is a powerful adaptogenic blend of six organic mushrooms that are scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance and boost overall health.

This innovative supplement has become increasingly popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its numerous benefits, including increased endurance, improved oxygen utilization, and enhanced recovery. PeakO2 has also been shown to boost energy levels, improve mental clarity and focus, and enhance the immune system.

When pushing your body to the limit, you’re putting it under immense stress both physical and mental. PeakO2 can help you overcome such stress so that you can maximise your performance.

What sets PeakO2 apart from other supplements is its ability to increase the body’s oxygen uptake and utilization, resulting in improved exercise capacity and endurance.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or someone looking to boost their overall health and well-being, PeakO2 is an excellent choice.

Suggested Use

1 serving (3 capsules) mixed into your favorite beverage, 1-2 times daily as needed.

For optimal results: On training days, consume 1 serving before and 1 serving after exercise. On non-training days, consume 2 servings throughout the day.