CarbUp // Carbohydrate Intra


HR Labs CarbUp - Carb Up for War!

You ain't going far without fuel

- 30 Serves / 30 Scoops -

Carbohydrates often get a bad rap around training, seen as the enemy, surplus to requirements, nowadays overshadowed by EAA and electrolyte loaded 'Carb Free' alternatives.

The truth is, both are of benefit with Carbs being equally as important to optimise performance & recovery. Cluster Dextrin™ is the ideal training fuel, a carbohydrate that provides sustained energy without spiking blood sugar and causing a large insulin response as you might expect with cheaper alternatives. 

It's fast gastric emptying means that it causes no digestive discomfort - a prereq if you are hitting it hard! The addition of both Glycersize™ and Taurine aid cellular hydration and regulate glucose uptake - helping you to Carb UP for War! 

Available in Grape Bubbalicious and Life Is Peachy.


  • Cluster Dextrin™ (25000mg)
  • Glycersize™ (2000mg)
  • Taurine (2000mg)

Recommended Use

Intra-training fuel that is rapidly absorbed, easy to digest and formulated for intense training and periods of prolonged exertion. 

We recommend mixing two scoops (34g) with a minimum of 500ml of water. 

Begin drinking immediately prior to training and continue to drink throughout. 

Advanced trainers & Endurance athletes may benefit from taking an additional serving if required. Stack with a stim pre to become a legend.