Cinnamon Cacao with Cordyceps + Lion's Mane // Morning Mushrooms

Wildwood Cinnamon Cacao with Cordyceps and Lions Mane

Welcome to the Wildwood.

Prepare yourself to step into a world of decadent flavours and powerful superfoods.

Wildwood Cinnamon Cacao is an elegant blend of rich cacao and delicate spices, complemented by a creamy finish. The elevating factor is a subtle, earthy dose of high-quality mushroom extracts, trusted traditionally for millennia to naturally provide energy and wellbeing. Sugar free – gently sweetened with a natural sweetener for optimum taste and health.

100g bag contains 12 servings

Each serving contains:

500mg CordycepsPut pep in your step

500mg Lion’s ManeYour invisible thinking cap

Wildwood mushrooms are fruiting body only, certified organic, heavy metals tested, and extracted for maximum bioavailability.

Keto friendly.

For a delicious moment that will keep you feeling good all day.

Recommended Use:

Place 2 generous tsp of powder into your favourite mug. Mix well with 50ml of boiling water, to form a thick chocolatey paste. Top up with 10ml of hot milk of your choice. Stir. Enjoy the journey...