P-5-P // High Strength Vitamin B6


Strom Sports High dose p-5-p Vitamin B6 Supplement 

A high dose Vitamin B6 supplement designed to help you stay on top of your prolactin levels. Because P-5-P (pyridoxal 5'-phosphate) is a pre-methylated, active co-enzyme form of Vitamin B6, this avoids burdening your liver with the methylation conversion process.

- 120 Capsule / 120 Serves -

Other benefits P-5-P is also used for is to prevent deficiency, playing a valuable role in supporting metabolism to naturally boost energy, enhance the immune system, and support neurotransmitter synthesis particularly relevant to the dopamine conversion. Vitamin B6 is a cofactor to hundreds of processes within the human body, so avoiding B6 deficiency should be prioritised in daily nutrient intake.

The Strom "P-5-P" Formula

  •  Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate[Vitamin B6] (150mg)

Cellulose capsules: Vegan & Vegetarian friendly
120 capsules, 120 serves.

Recommended Use

Take one capsule once daily. 

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