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  • Advanced Omega 3 // Highly Bioavailable Fish Oil


    Leviathan Nutrition Advanced Omega 3 - Extremely Bioavailable Fish Oil 

    Using the AvailOm® Free Form Fatty acid Omega 3 Lysine Complex paired with Sesamol, providing a source of DHA and EPA that has both assured high bioavailability without any need for accompanying fat alongside. In using AvailOm® it is also highly oxidation resistant hence assuring it's not "rancid" and that it's health promoting functions remain intact. The sesamol addition is a first of it's kind, with early research demonstrating potential to improve the bodies' natural conversion of ALA to DHA & EPA, further improving end omega-3 related functions.

    Known Omega-3 Health Functions

    • Heart Health

    • Cholesterol & Triglyceride Levels

    • Healthy Inflammatory Response

    • Brain & Eye Health

    Featured Ingredients

    • Free Form Omega 3's as AvailOm® Omega 3 Lysine Complex  (1000mg)
      • Yeilding 300mg EPA & 150mg DHA per serve
    • Sesamol (30mg)

    The AvailOm® Bioavailability advantage

    AvailOm® has been demonstrated to be 5X more potent than ethyl ester Omega 3s when compared in a fasted state.  You can read the clinical trial demonstrating this here. "In vitro dissolution behaviour and absorption in humans of a novel mixed l-lysine salt formulation of EPA and DHA, (2021)"

    We also have our own breakdown looking at the specifics of this claim at the article linked below.

    How valid is the 5X bioavailability Claim made by the AvailOm® “Lysine Free Fatty Acid Salt” Omega-3 Supplement?

    When consumed alongside fats this difference will decrease, to the order of 2X more potency due to better digestion of the ethyl ester fatty acids due to the greater presence of bile salt dependent lipase (aka. carboxyl ester lipase).

    What about comparison to triglyceride or phospholipid form Omega-3's? These have better digestion capacity than ethyl ester at the rate limiting step - which is hydrolysis by bile salt stimulated lipase. Triglyceride and phospolipid from fatty acids are also able to be hydrolyzed by colipase-dependent pancreatic lipase which allows for greater efficiency. In the long scheme, assuming use alongside normal fat intake, there appears to be little significant difference in end omega-3 outcomes between ethyl ester, and triglyceride or phospholipid forms. However that does assume normal fat intake, which is less common with many bodybuilding related diets, and normal bile salt release and liver function. 

    What is the primary advantage for using Free Form Fatty Acids like in AvailOm®?

    Using free form fatty acids, AvailOm® Omega 3 salt complex is able to bypass the need for breakdown in the gut (dependent on bile acids and pancreatic lipases), and goes straight to the 'packaging' step of omega's before they are transported to target tissues. This is particularly valuable for:

    1. Persons on a low fat diet, or don't accompany their supplement intake with a fat source.
    2. Persons with reduced bile salt availability, which is common with liver issues.
    3. Persons with a highly inflamed gut which may compromise digestive enzymes and bile salt integrity.

    Why is the Lysine binding important to AvailOm®?

    By binding the free form fatty acids with the Lysine it provides two key functions. 

    1. Superior resistance to oxidation without any other additives. 
      Free form fatty acids are in themselves very vulnerable to oxidative damage (going "rancid") which would then compromise their health benefits. By binding to Lysine AvailOm® has been able to solve this, with stability studies reporting AvailOm® to be highly resistant to oxidation for up to four years.
    2. Allows for a solid form supplement, rather than liquid. 
      This is reported to reduce symptoms of burping and fishy lingering that can be an issue for some with liquid forms. Only in the stomach's acidic environment does the lysine unbind from the fatty acids.



    1. ADVANCED OMEGA 3 provides a robust dose of free form EPA & DHA fatty acids which ensures phospholipid packaging success, which is the delivery system to get the DHA & EPA target tissues uninhibited to perform their associated health functions.
    2. ADVANCED OMEGA 3 provides a serving of a sesame lignin known as Sesamol, which influences the conversion of ALA (Alpha linolenic acid) fatty acids into DHA & EPA. It does so by influencing the D5D and D6D enzymes responsible for the conversion.
      This supports  more ALA consumed from diet to be converted into EPA & DHA, without an actual need to consume EPA & DHA directly. In doing so we both decrease Omega 6 Arachidonic acid production - a proinflammatory compound, known for its role in cardiovascular disease, as well as increase EPA & DHA which are health protective.

    In western culture it is common for people to consume an abundance of Omega 6 fatty acids (red meats) and too few Omega 3 (fish), this imbalance leads to systemic inflammation, increasing risk to disease and other health complications. With Leviathan's Advanced Omega 3 we intend to better our omega-3 index and reduce negative consequences of high Omega 6 intake.


    This product should be taken every day, 2 capsules per day, doses can be split and taken with meals for optimal use.

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