Rhodiola Rosea // Mood & Energy Adaptogen


Adaptogenic support for Energy, Mood & Stress Resistance

60 Capsules per bottle, 1 capsule per serve (60 servings). Every serve includes:

  • Rhodiola Rosea (Root extract standardised to min 5% Salidrosides)(300mg)

Rhodiola (aka. Golden Root) has long been a traditional medicine and energy booster throughout numerous cultures in Northern Europe and Asia, including the Vikings! In more recent times Rhodiola has been a signficant focus of research in Russia, with known use in their military and Olympic athletes for strength, endurance, and anti-stress applications. Accompanying Russian cosmonauts, it was even the first herb to go to space! 

While Rhodiola has been documented to act via numerous mechanisms, the most prominent seems to be its potent Monoamine Oxidase inhibition activities, which prolongs the action of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and nor-epinephrine on receptors in the brain after release. This supporting the associated mood and energy increase.

Rhodiola Rosea is popular for:

  • Supporting Energy & Mood;
  • Supporting Stress Management;
  • Reducing Tolerance to Caffeine and other stimulants.

Recommended Use:

As a dietary supplement, take ONE to TWO capsules throughout the day. Pairs well alongside a source of caffeine (ie. Coffee) to boost and prolong stimulant activity.

!! DO NOT USE ALONGSIDE MAOi, SSRi or other Anti-depressant medications !!

Further Reading:

If you're keen for some further reading on Rhodiola Rosea, below are a few research articles we frequently recommend as an introduction.


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Multi purpose adaptogen

This stuff is amazing. It’s properties were studied extensively by the Russians in the 1970’s and used by there athletes, astronauts and military, to help enhance their performance and deal with stress and PTS. Rhodiola is an amazing herb give it a go you won’t be disappointed!