SupportMAX OCS // Heart & Liver Support


Strom SupportMAX OCS for all organ On-Cycle Support

- 120 Capsules / 30 Servings -

Supportmax is our premium all in one On Cycle Support product designed to reduce the harm and risks of ped use.

Formulated in 2017 it has been a mainstay of amateur and professional bodybuilding ever since.


  • Vitamins D3 (5000iu)
  • Selenium (100mcg)
  • Magnesium (40mg)
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (1000mg)
  • Co-Q10 (100mg)
  • TUDCA (250mg)
  • BetaineHCL (500mg)
  • CitrusBergamot (500mg)
  • DandelionRootExtract (100mg)
  • HawthornBerry (100mg)

Can be taken in contest prep or Off-Season. Stacks well with SupportMAX Neuro.

Recommended Use:

Take 4 capsules spread evenly throughout the day.

The Research 

“Vitamin D contributes to normal cell division.” European Food Standards Agency Health Claim ID 153.

“Selenium is necessary for normal cardiovascular function.” European Food standards agency health claim – ID 280.

"Maintenance of normal blood pressure." European Food Standards Agency Health ClaimEuropean Food standards agency health claim (ID 1509, 1721, 1911)

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