December 29, 2023 1 min read

Sheena Jayne Martin: 33x Bikini Pro & 2x Olympia Competitor

In this episode of the Stromcast DOWNNUNDER Logan has a chat with Sheena Jayne Martin who was one of the first Kiwi Bikini Pros, and was on the international stage within 6 months after her novice debut and stepped on stage over 30 times as a Pro, as well as competing twice at the Olympia across 5 years.
She has been an athlete of one form or another for 25+ years and is now a female holistic wellness coach as well as coaching bikini and wellness class bodybuilding clients.
Sheena shares her history as an athlete and how she got into bodybuilding after being a dancer and pursuing equestrian before getting her law degree and transitioning into Personal Training and bodybuilding, and discusses the changes to standards for female competitors during her tenure as a competitor as well as good advice for female athletes around healthy mindsets around things like prep and feeling "fluffy" in their off season, and all the way through to strength training while pregnant, all the way up to 9 months and some post-partum considerations.

You can find Sheena at @sheenajayne_ to enquire about her services as a bikini and wellness coach and holistic wellbeing or just to follow her journey and Logan @thestromcast_downunder if you have any questions or feedback.

You can also learn more about Sheena and her services as a coach at her website

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