February 16, 2024 1 min read

In this conversation, Thomas, Richard and Colm from Strom discuss their business backgrounds and the vision behind Strom.

- upcoming releases and product development, emphasizing the importance of not releasing products just for the sake of it.
- use of trademark ingredients and the potential for misleading claims in the industry.
- creating products that meet specific needs and the demand for certain ingredients
- standardization and extracts, variation in herbal products, consistency in botanicals
- collaboration with other brands,
- trends in the market
- challenges with creatine monohydrate, and misconceptions about product ingredients.
- importance of electrolytes,
- need for research and quality in product formulation.
- the importance of understanding ingredients and their effects, as well as the need for innovation and problem-solving in the industry.
- different manufacturing options, including China, India, and Mexico, and the challenges and benefits associated with each.
- expanding their businesses to the USA.
- liver support supplements and the debate surrounding their effectiveness.
- impact of sun exposure on health and the complexities of sunscreen and skin cancer.

Each Strom website is as follows

UK: https://www.stromsports.com/

Ireland & EU: https://stromsportsireland.ie/

NZ & AU: https://stromsports.co.nz/

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