February 12, 2024 2 min read

In today's episode of the Stromcast DOWNUNDER Logan talks with William Whitlock, Owner and Founder of Leviathan Nutrition which is a supplement company based in the USA with a real focus on quality ingredients and effective dosage, as well as being involved with the bodybuilding scene since 2006.

Logan and William talk about how Will got into the supplement business, his background in the industry, and why he chose to start out doing health supplements like TUDCA rather than the generic Pre-Protein-BCAA formula that most new supplement businesses go for, as well as discussing some of Will's unorthodox choices in ingredients for Leviathan's health range and then getting into Will's plans for his bodybuilding career in the near future.

Will can be found @thetudcaking or @leviathannutrition and Logan @stromcast_downunder as always, and Leviathan Nutrition products are available from https://leviathan-nutrition.com/ and https://stromsports.co.nz/ for NZ and AU.

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More about the Podcast

Will Whitlock, the owner and founder of Leviathan Nutrition, discusses his background in bodybuilding and chemistry, and how it led him to start Leviathan Nutrition. He explains the focus on health and specialized products for athletes and individuals using performance-enhancing drugs. Will emphasizes the importance of formulating effective products, differences between patented ingredients and just trademarked ingredients, and ensuring quality control in the manufacturing process. He also discusses the influence of industry experts and his plans for future product development. Will highlights the transferable skills and values learned from bodybuilding that have contributed business and life skills.

Episode Takeaways

Leviathan Nutrition specializes in health products for athletes and individuals using performance-enhancing drugs. Formulating unique and effective products requires research, clinical studies, and a combination of chemistry knowledge and bodybuilding experience. Patented ingredients can offer innovative solutions, but it's important to evaluate their effectiveness and differentiate them from generic versions. Quality control in the manufacturing process is crucial to ensure the potency and safety of supplements. Bodybuilding teaches valuable skills and values that can be applied to other areas of life and business.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:10 Starting Leviathan Nutrition and Focus on Health
08:33 Formulating Unique and Effective Products
12:19 Influences and Inspiration
15:14 The Importance of Patented Ingredients
20:18 Quality Control and Manufacturing Process
22:27 Separate Ingredients vs. Combination Products
27:17 Logic Behind Formulating IRE
31:54 Creating the GI Support Product
38:20 Future Plans for Leviathan Nutrition
46:09 The Impact of Bodybuilding on Personal and Professional Life

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