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  • Ep11: Competition with Campbell Younger [Unbroken Performance]

    October 13, 2023 3 min read

    Ep11: Competition with Campbell Younger [Unbroken Performance] - Strom Sports Nutrition
    In todays episode of the Stromcast DOWNUNDER Logan sits down with Campbell Younger [Unbroken Performance] to discuss their coaching approaches and how to get the most out of every client, the things Logan and Campbell love about bodybuilding and the competition scene in New Zealand, and some behaviours and attitudes they would prefer to see less of.
    Campbell can be found @unbrokenperformance_nz and Logan can be found @thestromcast_downunder if you have any questions or comments for either of them.




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    To listen to Ep.11 Campbell & Logan's podcast click through the link here.

    More about the episode

    The conversation covers Campbell & Unbroken's transition from Dunedin to Mount Maunganui, starting a business, his approach to supporting clients, the challenges and motivation in the fitness industry, the impact of bodybuilding on relationships, reflections on the bodybuilding journey, issues in the bodybuilding scene, and the perspective on bodybuilding now. The conversation explores the issue of irresponsible coaching and advice in the bodybuilding industry. It emphasizes the importance of considering personal circumstances and the potential dangers of extreme weight gain or loss. Campbell and Logan also highlight the need for responsible coaching and the negative effects of hormones and recreational substances. The misconception of bodybuilding as a battle is addressed, along with the importance of taking responsibility for one's health and well-being. The conversation also touches on the lack of training experience in young competitors and the need for honesty and full disclosure in the industry. The importance of finding joy and fun in bodybuilding, setting goals, and making changes is discussed.

    Episode Takeaways

    - Transitioning to a new location can be challenging but can also provide opportunities for growth and expansion.
    - Tailoring the approach to clients based on their specific needs and goals is crucial for success in the fitness industry.
    - The bodybuilding journey can have both positive and negative impacts on relationships and personal development.
    - The bodybuilding scene has its challenges, including issues with judging, culture, and the cost of competitions.
    - Irresponsible coaching and advice in the bodybuilding industry can have negative consequences on individuals' health and well-being.
    - Personal circumstances should be taken into consideration when giving advice on weight gain or loss.
    - Responsible coaching is crucial in ensuring the safety and success of athletes.
    - The effects of hormones and recreational substances on mental health and decision-making should be acknowledged.
    - Bodybuilding should be approached as a personal journey rather than a battle against others.
    - Individuals should take responsibility for their own health and well-being, especially when they have family or dependents.
    - Young competitors should be encouraged to gain more training experience before participating in bodybuilding shows.
    - Honesty and full disclosure are essential in providing accurate information and setting realistic expectations.
    - Finding joy and fun in the bodybuilding process is important for long-term sustainability.
    - Setting goals and making changes should be based on personal desires and motivations.


    00:00 Introduction and Background
    02:03 Transition from Dunedin to Mount Maunganui
    03:09 Starting a Business in Mount Maunganui
    06:36 Approach to Clients
    09:13 The Challenge and Motivation
    12:59 Transition from Bodybuilding to Performance Training
    16:19 Impact of Bodybuilding on Relationships
    20:09 Reflections on Bodybuilding Journey
    25:03 Issues in the Bodybuilding Scene
    30:35 Perspective on Bodybuilding Now
    35:42 Issues with Bodybuilding Competitions
    38:50 Irresponsible Coaching and Advice
    39:36 Consideration for Personal Circumstances
    40:32 The Importance of Responsible Coaching
    41:31 Balancing Rate of Gain and Loss
    42:44 The Impact of Irresponsible Advice
    43:27 The Effects of Hormones and Recreational Substances
    44:53 The Misconception of Bodybuilding as a Battle
    45:41 Taking Responsibility for Health and Well-being
    46:06 The Lack of Training Experience in Young Competitors
    47:56 The Love and Respect for Bodybuilding
    49:22 The Importance of Natural Shows and Understanding the Process
    50:34 The Need for Honesty and Full Disclosure
    52:16 The Influence of Bodybuilding on Personal Goals
    53:45 Finding Joy and Fun in Bodybuilding
    57:14 The Importance of Enjoying the Process
    58:37 The Fear of Change and Losing Identity
    01:00:42 Setting Goals and Making Changes
    01:04:38 The Desire to Continue Competing
    01:06:46 Reflecting on the Conversation

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