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  • What makes each Strom Sports Nutrition STIMUMAX preworkout different?

    November 28, 2023 6 min read

    The Stimumax range features FOUR different preworkouts - all designed for specific use and varying levels of stimulant and focus intensity.


    StimuMAX OG Preworkout by Strom Sports Nutrition
    StimuMAX "OG" is our entry level Preworkout - proven over the years as an effective safe tool to increase your productivity and performance in the gym.
    Each tub of StimuMAX OG includes 30 servings, and is available in two flavours including Original Cola, and Fruit Salad". 
    Each serve includes the following:
    • Citrulline Malate (6000mg)
    • Beta Alanine (3200mg)
    • N acetyl L-Tyrosine (1000mg)
    • Caffeine anhydrous (250mg)
    • Juglans Regis whole fruit extract - 10:1 water extract (200mg)
    250mg of caffeine acts as the foundation of energy and stimulation, carefully balanced as enough to be a pick-up, but below the 300mg caffeine threshold that has been shown as possibly counterproductive to effective training and muscle building.
    This is joined by 6 grams of L-citrulline malate which acts as a nitric oxide precursor for vasodilation, as well as 3.2 grams of beta alanine to aid in carnosine loading, assisting lactate (aka. lactic acid) buffering along side the skin tingling effect known as "parathesia" that psychosomatically most athletes find productive to training.

    1 gram of  N-acetyl-l-tyrosine which is as a slower releasing dopamine precursor, replenishing stores and helping to prevent the dreaded post-workout crash and allowing you to get on with your day.
    The final ingredient comes from a 10:1 water extract of Juglans regia (aka. "English walnut"). Juglans is a natural stimulant produced from walnut bark, this ingredient has a fantastic “feel good” factor to it. You will notice a "contains nuts" warning on all the StimuMAX range, it is the juglans regia that is attributed to.

    Note: The StimuMAX OG formula is the base formula of the entire StimuMAX range, whereupon each variant of StimuMAX includes the full OG formula, but with added ingredients to achieve unique goals for each product.


    StimuMAX Pro Preworkout by Strom Sports Nutrition
    StimuMAX Pro is our professional grade Preworkout - popular with bodybuilders and athletes training for competitive sporting performance for its enhanced focus effects.
    Each tub of StimuMAX Pro includes 30 servings, and is available in three flavours including "Unicorn Pi55", "Strawberry Kiwi", & "Cherry Cola". 
    Each serve includes the base StimuMAX OG stack, with the addition of:
    • enXtra (300mg)
    • Juniper berry extract (250mg)
    enXtra is a trademark ingredient, an extract of Alpinia galanga that potentiates the effects of caffeine for better focus promoting effects. You can read more about EnXtra from the developers at omniactives.com/product/enxtra
    Juniper berry extract is a natural stimulant that is known to provide a sense of focus and wellbeing.
    This combination has a summing effect of bringing about a much greater sense of focus and awareness to a training session. Pro is the "Focused" StimuMAX variation.
    eXtra supplement ingredient preworkout


    StimuMAX Black Edition Preworkout by Strom Sports Nutrition
    StimuMAX Black Edition is our hardcore Preworkout - specifically popular with powerlifters and strongmen who are putting out significant bursts of power for short periods.
    Each tub of StimuMAX Black Edition includes 30 servings, and is available in three flavours including "Grap3d", "Green Apple", & "Lemon Pineapple". 

    Each serve includes the base StimuMAX OG stack, with the addition of:
    • Kegelia africans extract (aka. Sausage tree) (200mg)
    Kegelia africans is another powerful, naturally sourced stimulant which then takes the base StimuMAX up a level, while avoiding excessive leverage on the caffeine dependant system. This helps create a cleaner sensation of energy, but certainly does kick StimuMAX up a notch.
    Black is the "Stimulated" StimuMAX variation.


    StimuMAX Extreme Preworkout by Strom Sports Nutrition

    Stimumax Extreme is the "beyond hardcore" Preworkout - which is frankly for just silly levels of stimulation.
    Rick didn't make it because he thought it was a good idea... but just because you guys harassed him so much. The only fair recommendation for StimuMAX Extreme is for
     those that it may be a useful solution have have a significant stimulant tolerance and require greater input to reach the ideal performance enhancing effect. If that's not you, you'll likely find better performance outcomes from the "Pro" or "Black Edition" formulas.

    Each tub of StimuMAX Extreme includes 30 servings, and is available in two flavours including "Pina Colada",  & "Cherry Cola". 
    Each serve includes the hardcore StimuMAX Black Edition stack, with the addition of:

    • Caffeine anhydrous (+50mg, resulting in a total of 300mg)
    • Bitter orange extract (150mg)

    This addition of caffeine takes it to the absolute upper limit before productive training and muscle recovery is at risk, and at a total of 300mg it provides a more than adequate for the other stimulants to add on to (Juglans regia & Kegelia africans). Bitter orange is a plant also known as Citrus aurantium, it contains many flavanoids and is known as a valuable stimulant potentiator - amplifying energy to the ridiculous level that it's so known for. Bitter orange also has valuable thermogenic and fat metabolism promoting properties which can be useful in the later stage of fat loss protocols. ​Extreme is the "Sweaty Stim Junkie" StimuMAX variation.


    Is the StimuMAX dose of caffeine high enough? 
    A common response we get in stores from the bro lifters is "oh I never use anything less than 400mg caffeine". While everyone should have the freedom to make their own choices, for most trainers the blind pursuit of higher and higher caffeine doses is misguided, and often counterproductive. Like many compounds, caffeine has a productivity curve where you will find a peak range of usefulness, and above that will increase likelihood of side effects such as lack of focus, heart palpitations, excessively high blood pressure, or dizziness. It's important to see caffeine as not the only option for stimulation, but one tool of many. This is why the StimuMAX range looks to leverage other ingredients as complimenting sources of stimulation (the Juglans regia and Keglia africans), or ingredients that support the caffeine's function (acetyl-l-tyrosine, enXtra, juniper berry, bitter orange).
    ​Don't believe us? StimuMAX Extreme is also available in single serve sample packs, grab one and try it - you'll see it more than meets your needs.

    I get a "tingling" feeling when I take StimuMAX, what's happening?
    The tingling sensation (known as "parethesia") is a normal effect for persons new to supplementing with the ingredient "beta alanine". Important to note, long-term high dose beta alanine supplementation has been ruled as safe by major sporting bodies such as the ISSN, and beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid already present in the human body throughout all tissues.
    The beta alanine induced parethesia occurs because beta alanine activates certain G-protein receptors, which in turn cause the firing of neurons that signal for skin sensations. These receptors are those usually responsible for signalling other feeling of sensation, those particularly sensitive to beta alanine are those who also have roles in heat sensation.
    Some individuals are more responsive than others, and even some people will never feel the sensation. However because the parethesia is not responsible for the primary benefits of beta alanine, those that do not feel the sensation aren't missing out either. 
    If you find the sensation uncomfortable, be assured it does settle with an hour, usually within 15-30 minutes. Most people also find that when they're training the sensation decreases, or if they consume the preworkout with food to slow down the rate of absorption.

    Why doesn't StimuMAX include Piperine (Black Pepper extract) like many other preworkouts?
    Piperine is an ingredient often touted for "improved absorption" of other ingredients, however this description is not entirely accurate. More specifically piperine is a compound which decreases the metabolism (breakdown) of many compounds, mostly via inhibition methylation and glucuronidation enzymes. This is an especially valuable function for ingredients such as curcumin (as in SupportMAX Joint), but in the case of caffeine and many stimulants this has an effect of extending the activity so long as to compromise sleep. Generally a training session will range from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the athlete, of which the period of action of the stimulants in StimuMAX are well suited too and making them last longer increases the risk of side effects or sleep issues. The intent of any StimuMAX is to train with intent, then allow you to go about the rest of your day or evening with minimal jitters or crash.
    In the event that you do want a piperine based extension of stimulant function, you can consider stacking your StimuMAX alongside "MAXimise" which includes Piperine, AstraGin, and Ginger extract. 

    Got a question? Send us an email at thomas@stromsports.co.nz

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