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Support your joints to the MAX

The process of ageing and increased joint loading during sport/training can impact on key structures within a joint such as cartilage, ligaments tendons and bones making them susceptible to injury, that can lead to degenerative changes and longer-term problems.

In most people the effects are felt almost immediately in terms of a reduction in general soreness and stiffness, then over time the other ingredients yield more long term benefits, Cissus is a traditional herbal treatment for joint and bone pain with a strong body of evidence around its effectiveness - Hylaronic acid is helpful in replenishing synovial fluid which acts as the lubricant between joints and glucosamine when used in the long term helps repair cartilage, in Supportmax Joint the vitamin C is there to work with the glucosamine to give the best possible outcome.

The effect of both removing inflammation with Hydrocurc combined with all of the above ingredients is a product that both removes immediate joint discomfort and can contribute to long term joint health and comfort... while this will almost exclusively be bought by people with joint issues or injuries we would URGE anyone who intends to undertake any sport or exercise regime to introduce SupportMAX joint as early as possible in their regime to prevent being the guy with joint issues later in life. (or at least reduce the likelihood of)

- 40 Serves -


  • Glucosamine Sulphate (Shellfish) (1400mg)
  • Hydrocurc (Curcuma Longa Extract) (1000mg)
  • Cissus Quadrangularis (250mg)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (220mg)

Available in capsule or Raspberry flavoured powder form. 

Recommended Use

On training days: take 1 scoop / 4 capsules as far seperate from your training as possible. For example, if you train in the evening, take SupportMAX Joint in the morning or vice-versa. 

On non-training days: take 1 scoop / 4 capsules whenever is convenient.

NOTE: Due to the Curcumin ingredient, SupportMAX Joint can stain fingers, clothes, shakers, or anything else the powder makes contact with. Handle with care!

For more information check out the Stromucation website or head straight to the info sheet.


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