Velosiwhey // Whey + Casein Blend w. Velositol


Velositol for improved Muscle Protein Synthesis

- 40 Scoops -

Strom Sports Nutrition VelosiWhey contains a unique protein blend comprising 80% high-quality WPC and 20% casein. As a result, it delivers an exceptionally smooth and creamy texture even when made with water and is especially suited for use in food, such as oats or mixed with quark or yoghurt.

The main ingredient in this supplement which separates VelosiWhey from other protein powders is the patented ingredient Velositol.

Available in Raspberry Ripple, Battenburg Cake, Caramel White Chocolate, Chocolate Sponge Cake, and Buttered Pancake.


Velositol is a patented, revolutionary ingredient, that when used with protein is designed to accelerate and boost muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a key to enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass, and quicker muscle recovery.

Velositol, when added to protein:

  • Significantly boosts MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) beyond protein alone (as measured by FSR)
  • Promotes leaner body composition 

Recommended Use

Mix 1 scoop (30g) with 200-300ml of water or milk of your choice in a shaker bottle.

VelosiWHEY can be used at any time of the day or night and is suitable for use either pre- or postworkout.

For more information on Strom products check out the Stromucation website or head straight to the VelosiWHEY page.