ThromboMAX // Heart Health Support


Strom Sports ThromboMAX - Support Cardiovascular Health! 

- 60 Capsules / 60 Serves -

ThromboMAX has a range of potential benefits listed in the links below as well as some specific applications around platelet aggregation (blood clotting and the prevention of).

Rick made this product thinking squarely of himself as something that might help improve his overall cardiovascular system - potentially help prevent or reduce calcification and improve arterial flexibility - all hugely important in long term heart health.

Stacks well with Kyolic Garlic

Take a look at a bloodwork comparison after 4 weeks of ThromboMAX use.


  • Serrapeptase (60000SPU)
  • Nattokinase (2000FU)
  • Pycnogenol (150mg)
  • 1-Octacosanol(50mg)

Recommended Use

Take one capsule daily. Do not exceed one capsule daily.

 For more information check out the Stromucation website or head straight to the info sheet or bloodwork comparison.